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Thank you for visiting this weblog 🙂 The blog contains various materials; now, you may wish to read blog posts, publications, book reviews and literature/poetry and so on. Also you may wish to view author’s profile, about the blog and blog policy in general.

  • Blog posts are regular posts based on day-to-day events and what comes up in the mind of the author; they are more frequent and try to be regular.
  • Publications are academic and research-oriented critical writings and articles occasionally written by Jesi (the author of INCOMESCO).
  • Book reviews: famous author, best sellers and any books provided for free to read are reviewed in this unit, basically this is an information of the book.
  • Literature reflects the literary hobby of the author, especially Haiku poetry. Haiku is Japanese short and sweet poetry that contains 17 words with three lines, which has 5 words in the first line, 7 words in the second and again 5 words in the third line, however, modern English Haiku are flexible in word limit.

Moreover, Links are created for one-stop service by providing a direct link to the service providers, and the Testimonials is a valuable statement/feedback of the blog readers which were provided in the post comments. If you have any comment or feedback then you can use the contact form to sent directly. The blog is well connected on various social media Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Please ENJOY, SHARE, COMMENT and finally SUBSCRIBE the weblog INCOMESCO. Thank you for the cooperation 🙂

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