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State, Wisdom and Marginalisation

Business, Wisdom and Knowledge- 2

No one has reason to accept a scheme of cooperation that place their lives under the control of others.’’- T. M. Scanlon 

state marginalIn the previous post I picked up some definitions of what exactly knowledge and wisdom are and how these concepts have been used in the 21st century. In this post I am trying to underline the situation where people are being marginalised from the state because wisdom this time has been used very less. So Let’ me start this discussion from how the state is appeared today.

Aristotle ‘frequently compares the politician to a craftsman. The analogy is imprecise because politics, in the strict sense of legislative science, is a form of practical knowledge, while a craft like architecture or medicine is a form of productive knowledge. According to Aristotle, “The state is a union of families and villages and having for its ends a perfect and self-sufficing life by which we mean a happy and honourable life.[1] There are countries and leaders in the world but it is hard to find the state and statesman today as defined by Aristotle.

Politics Pollution

We are very much aware about environmental pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and so on . What about politics! Isn’t it a politics pollution if the reality is over politicised? Of course it is time to check politics pollution. Polluted politics work for divine and right, and dismantles the social order by disregarding humanity and harmony from its business. Jonathan Haidt’s book ‘‘Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion’’[2] is probably the best to understand politics pollution. Politicians always ignore other people. So they just want people listen and follow them. In an question Haidt replied: ‘‘We were never designed to listen to reason.’’[3]


Business is defined as profit. The ready made answer behind this is- it is better condition for next investment. So Business are running for the ‘‘Profits Without Prosperity’’[4]. Financial statement manipulation is an ongoing problem.[5] Inflationary measures opted to increase corporate profit may affect negatively to majority of consumers as they lose their purchasing power because inflation has positive relation with investment but negative with consumer’s real income. Likewise, academia are working through the objectives of their employer to make profit for the company. They have no choice but to work for ‘‘unreasonable demands made by management’’[6]. Because they are agreed the terms and condition set by an employer. So there is no question of discretion or good or bad.

Judgements have been made in line with the rule and law passed by vested groups boarding in the same boat for the same objectives. The matter is, state have been influenced by politician and business elite for the sole benefit of their interest.[7] Today’s hiring Culture is based on experiences. So a manager is appointed on the basis of experience who have been working for another company. Apparently there is less opportunity for fresh graduates. The Human Resource manager was not appointed to appoint an fresh employee on the basis of justice but on the basis of corporate mission.


Due to these alignment the results we have are the 85 richest people own the same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest [8] and 75 million young people are unemployed [9] Number of forcibly displaced worldwide are 51.2 million [10] This is kind of politics which have been making majority of the population marginalised. Who is responsible for all of these? Prof Joseph Stiglitz sees the problem ‘‘with our political system”[11] in which corporations and the rich can exploit everyone else.

I think, profit and welfare does not go together but both are equally important. They need to be fixed in line with society’s need. It depends upon political wills and perceptions. If business is understood above the welfare then social injustice appear on the surface. That is a clear reason for violence. Harvard philosopher T. M. Scanlon says- ‘‘no one has reason to accept a scheme of cooperation that place their lives under the control of others.’’ He offers four biggest reasons why inequality is bad for society. One of them is ‘‘economic inequality can undermine the fairness of political institutions.’’ [12] In an article Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, has said that capitalists are big threat of capitalism…it is time to consider new models for…conscious, moral or inclusive capitalism’.[13]

While talking about the role of government Prof Stiglitz gave an example of Ebola crisis – ‘’The crisis also reminds us of the importance of government and civil society. We do not turn to the private sector to control the spread of a disease like Ebola.’’[14]


I can surely say that we need a new business culture to be set in welfare, wisdom and humanity so that state will be stopped to marginalize majority people. The humanity in 21st century is commercialised with personal benefit. Its all about ignoring wisdom. The words welfare, free, donation and philanthropy are commercialised for the corporate benefit and to promote their own business. Due to poverty and income inequality the global population are being marginalised. These innocent people have been punished by corrupt state and polluted politics. The ill competition and egoism have ruined the humanity. So fact is you are right until people refuse your decisions. People today are suffering from state sponsored inequality, crime and polluted politics. They are seeking way out from the suffocation. Many unresolved questions have to be answered from the perspective of state as defined by plato and Aristotle. The meaning of the state seems to be illusive today.

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