It’s my Birthday

INCOMESCO was born on the 12th of January 2014.

The 2014 has been a successful year for INCOMESCO.



During a year I enjoyed a lot and felt blogging is a creative fun where social interaction in real sense is possible. WordPress is a platform which let me do so. At least I could share 24 posts and 35 pages in this kind of probationary period. Now I have started another blog ‘‘SIMANTAMarginal’’ for my native language that helps to keep neat and clean, I hope.

Before blogging what I felt used to disappear, but now what I feel, I can share and keep it in memomry for years to come.


The blog INCOMESCO is named from the letters of ECONOMICS, it is an anagram of ECONOMICS. This blog covers a wide range of subjects It is an open discussion forum around the issues & areas of interest, mainly supports fair share and humanity for sustainability. I am literate in economics, so it is obivious to smell economics & business in the posts from which we are affected most. To keep watching current affairs and to swim into literature is my another passion.


Because of asymmetric information consumer are less informed today. It means, for example, we know less about a car or technology than the business sector. consumers dont know much about energy utility than the company. They use tricks (lie!) to sell more. Among these three- Government, Business and Consumer society, now, we need a tool to make consumer society more equipped with income and information/education. Higher the consumer’s income is higher the size of market, more jobs, national income and productions. This is the sustainablity we need.

Due to a good mission of INCOMESCO, it has had incredible followers and traffic during this year. More than 3000 followers have been following the blog on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and email . INCOMESCO’s page on was viewed by more than 80,000 viewers with great opinions.

 All those inspired me to work hard and responsibly.

Due to a good mission of INCOMESCO, it has had incredible followers and traffic during this year.

Posts of this blog can be read from the reader’s website of Lancaster University as well. 


Views and visitors: There were amazing people who visited INCOMESCO from 76 countries by using different links and social medias

Visitors of the INCOMESCO around the World
Visitors of the INCOMESCO around the World

LOGO Meaning : The three pillars represent economic level of the society. First pillar from the left is the low-income group, then the middle class and finally the richest in the society/world. The red cap on the “richest” indicates the danger of inequality.

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