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Optimism plus pessimism Life

Here is my ‘’Animal’s’’ LIFE which is presented in a ‘ladder’ form to climb up to the LIFE.


I was preached, Life is a beautiful journey to the heaven

Walked million second through up and down hill

Asking and whispering with every creature and nature

What is life? how is your life?

No one knows about own’s life

Even an astrologer who has been telling client’s life,

They are just pretending the life

By reading a written note about the life

I did not write about my life

But I am reading my life,

How do I believe on words of life

Without alternative that was only life

Off course, changing form of nature and life

XX plus XY, sperm to body, body to soil,

Soil to tree, Tree is water again  XX for XY

Inside the nature everyone cry



LIFE's  mathematically definition
LIFE’s mathematically definition



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