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English Poetry: The Journey Began From Here-One

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I am not a poet, nor a big author but being a ‘butter-heart’ man I love literature especially poetry and stories. I was growing up in a family where members would love and create poetry and other type of literature. My grand father, bachelor degree in Sanskrit, and my father both had published a small book of poetry. My father wrote a poetry book in the form of an autobiography of a great poet (Laxmi Prasad Devkota). Devkota was greatly influenced by Shakespeare.

I studied English literature in my college as an optional subject. In a poem competition, I was honored with third prize when I was young. Books were provided for the prize, I went almost all  through those prize books.

I already have written several journey memories, specially Bangkok’s (Patpong) and Sikkim’s (India) memories were my favorable. I do enjoy writing stories and poetry. For them I have been using different blog SIMANTAMarginal in Devanagari script. Also, I am so keen to be familiar with English literature and its system too as I am fond of it.

As an optional subject in my college I had to read English literature where, I knew little about Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Bertrand Russell, Leo Tolstoy, W W Jacob,  Sigmund Freud so on and went through some creations of them. The Grief, Russell’s Best and How Much Land Does a Man Need were some of them that have influenced me even in my practical life as well. That’s why I do believe money is just means not ends. Due to this conviction, I believe that economics must be defined in line with humanity, welfare, fairness, equality and sustainability. But economics, today, is encroached by selfish profit. So the humanity and wisdom, today, are jeopardized and are in very miserable condition.

Now, I am doing some work on English poetry too. Of course there are certain formats to be followed in English literature to enjoy it.

Here is my FIRST English poem that I posted. Indeed, I still don’t know what exactly the form of it is. It would be appreciated, if any one could hint me in which form did I write. I was encouraged by my WordPress community as they liked it. So I would like to express my hearty gratitude to all of them who really encouraged me to come forward. The journey began from here: 

  1. The Earth is still ready to give birth 

The sky on the top and

The Earth underneath the foots

Tangible and visible them

The air in between, breathing in and out

Survive each and every one

No matter how many time she is severely suffered

The Earth is the Mom, she never shouts for the pain

Father sky dropping droplets as like sperm

The Earth is still ready to give birth

The means of origin- the Earth and the Sky

Designed by the nature

The creator biggest forever;

Let’s not understand she is just a Mom

But she is the nature as a whole

Without whom I wouldn’t be writing here

The Earth and the Sky co-existence of life

The universe and the truth

Let’s not ignore the rules of the nature

Humanity, sustainability through the Fair share

Let’s follow the rules

Instead of rules were created to fulfill selfishness

In the dark day and the night.

Then I wrote English HAIKU for valentine massage even before formally known the rules.

2) Three valentine Haiku 



Withered rose

No time to buy


Fresh red rose

Already sold out

Limited Supply


A few words

A bunch of rose

Valentine is tired

To be continued in next post …


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