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Fair Share and Humanity for Sustainability: Prompt

”Fair Share and Humanity for Sustainability”  Prompt of writing through INCOMESCO.

This blog INCOMESCO is a personal journey of sympathy, empathy and experience. Melting my mind sometimes pouring through the words and offering my introduction to the World and the next generation. My reading and writings are my conviction, derived from different sources. Where I believe on

  • Earth is borrowed from the future generation for the use of present generation, that must be returned without any damage,
  • Wisdom is better than certificates, knowledge must be used to gain wisdom for tomorrow
  • Name and fame is better than fortune,
  • Humanity is live and let live,
  • Optimism is can do,
  • More profit is less welfare, less welfare is no more state
  • Science is an assassination of mystery.
  • The nature is the only creator; its law is permanent and  powerful, visible and tangible,
  • Finance ministers are no more economists as they come through the path of party politics by vote for vote, so I prefer to call them Politiconomist. So economics must be protected from them
  • The more I write the more effective my writing skill will be,
  • The World, now, is in transition of humanity. For the sake of future, new setting of the state is needed because, for example, even education: academic institutions are selling their certificates at higher costs and the cases is judged in line with man-made law that is designed by the same group who want to protect their interest. That ends the hope of the poor. Justice is denied. Today’s intolerable inequality is state supported. Super managers are allowed to create discriminatory pay rate policy and gender pay gap. ‘‘No one has reason to accept a scheme of cooperation that place their lives under the control of others’’ and ‘‘economic inequality can undermine the fairness of political institutions’’ [TM Scanlon]
  • Equality through fair share and humanity is the way of sustainability.

INCOMESCO is a journey of words to the world. INCOMESCO is an anagram of the word “economics” to speak out ‘‘fair share and humanity for sustainability.’’

I am an egalitarian, agnostic breadwinner from a beautiful Himalayan country which used to be known as Shangri-La and also known as yam between two boulders. Currently I am located in the motherland of democracy.

Thank you for listening my guff with great patience. It’s our journey of togetherness by following and liking each other.

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