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Today’s Quotation

Free education, tax the rich.
Image : The Guardian
Image : The Guardian

20 thoughts on “Today’s Quotation”

  1. Hi Jesi, I’m not sure I agree with the whole statement. I personally am working hard to save money, pay off debt, and accumulate enough savings in order to “retire” early to free up the majority of my time. Ideally, this time will be spent helping others and contributing positively to society. If the statement you share with us were true across the board to “tax the rich,” all of the time and hard work I’ve done to save up would be a moot point if the government continues to take more and more of an unfair share of my labors. This doesn’t help me, my family, or others that I choose to donate my hard-earned monies to. Does that make sense? I just wanted to throw that out there because it is easy to get pulled into sweeping statements like the one you shared, but I think there are always additional viewpoints out there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    1. Thank you for the valuable comments. I appreciate your painstaking and honesty throughout the life.
      You are one hundred percent right that if unfairly taken amount as you described. But I think it is not bad to take more from them who became richer by manipulation like tax dodging, Mafia, money laundering, corruption so on.
      This depends on the will power of state, I think fairness we need.
      I wish you all the best.

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