Earth: Nowhere to go (Poetry)

The earth is as happy as she is shy

To receive droplets from the sky

Night is the duvet,

To cover their violent intercourse

Soil, heat, water, air,

light an ecosystem

hatches baby in the foetus

Ready to give birth

Even better baby

To lead the complex world

Exact seedlings

from the exact nature of seeds

A big effort, not making mistakes-

Hot chillies from the seeds of citrus lemon

keeping different seeds in the same foetus

Mother happy to share everyone

The Earth-

An industry, variety of products

An artist, Picasso and Monalisa

A story teller, Romeo and Juliet

A nature, desert and snow

Origin of life, Sky husband and the Earth wife

Everyone knows without knowing

The biggest mystery inside the Earth

Biggest responsibility

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Without which- zero is the sum

Everyone goes and come

To destroy their lovely home

Big universities, lack of wisdom

Nowhere to go to understand the truth

Nowhere to go to understand the truth.

Upper Mustang, Nepal by Johnny Lawlor

Feature image Google search (Nepal) : http://fullbestwallpaper.com/3632/nepal-mountain-with-house/


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