‘Prime’ Number & Minister  

‘Prime’ number

Prime ‘Minister’

Never divisible

Always odd

Super hero number one

Jumping from

One to three

Three to one !

A step forward

A step back,

Never smooth

Odd nature

Gap !

People- pushing out 

Agencies- pulling in 

Even bigger,

Murky water

Fishing  fish

Blaming blame

Fixing games,

Odd numbers !

Never easy

What is going on

Prime numbers-

Always odd,

Let’s take a number three

For an example,

Merges with the number two

Becomes twenty three

It is odd number

Merges with the number four

Becomes thirty four

It is divisible- even number

If the ‘Prime’

Merges with the ‘Ministers’

Meaning ‘Prime Minister’

Super hero number one !

Merges with people

Meaning ‘Prime People’

Super zero meaningless

‘Prime’ odd-with people

Prime number

Prime Minister

Never, Prime People !

©Jesi, 2015

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