Overview of 2015: The Best Posts of the year


With the end of the year approaching, this is the perfect time to look back and reflect favourite blog posts. I have chosen eight post, those I have felt incredible ! Two are poetry, One of which I shared from TED talk. The most viewed posts have been taken as a best one !

Because of today’s housing crisis and to reflect the real situation I have chosen this post as favorite

A home: Dream far behind of the middle class family

… Hence due to the low income less money goes on housing, health, security, education and other basic needs. Insufficient investment on these issues is ultimately making them poorer. Due to bad health total number of work force reduces and the dependents increase. A hard working family who is being unable to own a home means they are being made homeless. It is state created problem. Then, why should those to be homeless people respect the nation! Read full post 

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Government is forced to apply austerity despite  it is a destructive measure of further economic growth. That put huge debate during the year so I have chosen this post as a fevorite one.

Economic Recovery: Productive Investment or Destructive Austerity?

It is an indication of failure of Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which is also known as globalization or Washington consensus* or neo-liberalism as nations are finally forced to work through austerity. ‘‘Private investment was highly encouraged for profit and the role of government was defined as a coordinator and welfare provider but now, private sector obviously as a profit maker, has done tremendous progress, whereas government is forced to apply austerity measures and finally ‘welfare state’ is being questioned.’’ Read full post


Considering refugee and humanitarian crisis, unemployment, financial crisis, Grexit, Brexit problem, It is good to keep an eye on the EU, So, this should be a good one:

Does the EU have solutions?

The dentist then showed “European Union” printed on the first cover page of his passport and added that he was proud of being British but, he said, he had been handed this passport. We laughed out of loud.

A British-born student is charged the same amount tuition fee for higher education in the UK compared to the other EU students however I believe that it is reasonable to offer lower fees or more benefits to British students, Full Post

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The UK has gradually been developing good commercial relation with China. Is it helpful to grow the economy ? Good to think.

Jim O’Neill, BRICs and the UK’s Economy

Jim Suggested that- ‘’ Globalization did not need to be Americanisation; there was scope for the rest of the world to create their own definition of the term using their own characteristics’’.[8]

Due to changing global economic contexts and emerging power of China it is right time for every nation to overview their national economic interest for the sake of future. Considering those things Jim can play major role to bust the UK’s economy up. Full Post


The World without hope is useless. Leader deserve the quality and skills to tackle and resolve the problems without any or minimum loss. Lets think over the matter how they are performing their role ! Considering this I felt this post should be a fevorite one:

Crisis is the clear absence of leadership

So, Leader are the synonymous of hope. Leadership should always above the self interest. Leader should be far sighted and able to bring hope and positive transformation in the life. But today humanity is jeopardised and problems are dealt with ‘power’ although it is called liberalism. Democracy and human right are misused and defined in line with self interest. Due to what more money is invested in defence and security rather than education and health. The World without hope is useless.leader deserve the quality and skills to tackle and resolve the problems without any or minimum loss. finally the Crisis is the absence of leadership. Full Post


Here is the Hindu cast system written by a guest, which is mind blowing and incredible contribution:

The Chamar at the bottom of Hindu caste system and even within the intra-caste hierarchy

DSC_0010More or less social life of Chamar is like to other Hindus either so-called upper or lower Dalits of Terai. The Chamar marry within their community but maintain exogamy at village or clan level. In Uttar Pradesh of India, marriages between cousins are acceptable, preferably with the daughter of a mother’s brother. They are patriarchal with male domination. Full post


This an incredible poetry reflects the real plight around the legal system !


Made by rich

Punish to poor

Injustice is justice

Though, Harry baker is a maths student his poetry skill is amazing. So I have chosen this post as a favorite during the year:

A math student Harry Baker performs his pun-tastic and poignant poetry

My name is Harry Baker. Harry Baker is my name. If your name was Harry Baker, then our names would be the same. (Laughter)

It’s a short introductory part.

Yeah, I’m Harry. I study maths. I write poetry. So I thought I’d start with a love poem about prime numbers. (Laughter)… Full poem