INCOMESCO is designed for the YOUTH and their voice, right and plight as well. Youth are the wave of change. Youth are the pillars of the society. But YOUTH are much talked while gaining the power; after than they are lagged far behind the corner.

After the graduation, they are experienced with painful plight while searching job. They are asked for experience. Without offering a job how rational is it to ask them for the experience !? Youth are not treated properly by the state as there are soaring unemployment, inequality and inflation. They are compelled to invest in ‘ expensive luxurious’ education system without knowing where exactly they are heading to. Millions educated youths are working for pittance and under qualification.

INCOMESCO is committed to publish materials that represent the voice and soul of the youth. According to Adam Smith the wealth of nations is labour force and education accelerates productivity of labour where division of labour increase individual productivity and personal work satisfaction. So this is the right time to open the broad avenues of youth. And, as an author of this blog Jesi is keen to disseminate thoughts and methods on increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust.

This is right place to have your say. Please be part of this mission by sending mail, sharing ideas, posting news-views and your voice, following Facebook and Twitter as well.

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