A home: Dream far behind of the middle class family


These days so many people around the world are worried about their income and expenditure and even worst thing is whole humanity is being materialised into money. It is really a matter of sickness. Low income leads to poor health and poor health leads to low income. This is a vicious circle of income and health. New technology has affected people’s life in ways like; firstly, they have to afford the cost even in a static income condition and due to capital intensive technology workers are being redundant and ultimately unemployed. Several study and reports say that low income is also a reason of bad health and inequality. Income affects health through a psychological and behavioural mechanism.

With money people buy the key necessities, which are needed for better health too, such as shelter, warmth, food and so on. It also allows them to avoid, or ameliorate, potentially harmful ‘toxins’…

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