Paedophiles sites, sexual abuse practices, pornograpic materials, cyber crime, hackers and botnets are very closely associated with the digital world which has not been regulated or controlled effectively. Well, we encourage our children to take advantage offered by the digital resources. But how can we stop our children to access pronograpic sites who have become more curious due to their school’s lesson of health science. To use facebook the users must be registered but sexual sites are not  ….


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UntitledBecause of the asymmetric nature of information digital marketing is more beneficial for the seller rather than for the  consumers. Digital marketing has become an icon of 21st century thanks to the development of information technology . A poor farmer can contact his family from the field by using mobile handset. At the same time our society is directly affected from some sort of malpractice organised by the underworld through digital tools. Hackers create 350,000 new viruses everyday and attack anything connected to the internet. Digitization of the economy has its own pros and cons. In this short article I will underline a picture of digital marketing how it is used not for the benefit of consumers but  for digital underworld.

There are thousands of job vacancies online. however  job hunters have experience of not having any replies. According to them most of the job sites seem either…

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