Does the EU have solutions?

Now what I am thinking is that Great Britain is the best place. People are so generous and hard working. They are happier to give than take. But now it is time to think about the future as well. If an organisation which is considered less effective to avert the problems like unemployment, austerity, illegal migrants () () (**) and deficit then questions may arise such as why should members pay for those organizations? Greece, Spain, Italy are desperately seeking solutions.

The EU must have a satisfactory answer as to why people like the British dentist should have to bear the European Union passport.


It was 2007 May; I went back to Nepal from United Kingdom via Bangladesh by Biman air. Our plane was delayed six hours from Heathrow Airport, London to fly to Bangladesh. So we had to be in transit for that night in Bangladesh as we had already missed our connecting flight from Bangladesh to Kathmandu, Nepal. While waiting at Heathrow, I introduced myself to a British born dentist, who was going to Nepal to run his dentistry charity camp and gave each other company during the flight.

It was the worst flight of my life. We were not treated as international flight passengers; we were given poor food and lodging. According to International flight law, passengers who have to stay in transition must be offered five star accommodation. I’m my opinion; it was a sheer exploitation or corruption as they offered us muddy rice, cabbage curry, pulses and the cold…

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  1. Yes, many countries–even in the developed world–stand by old societal mores, rather than treat everyone as equals, and customers who deserve satisfactory service. In the U. S, our bigotry and racism still are ever-present. In many countries, discrimination varies with the shade of skin, tribal or religious affiliation, or how educated you appear to be.

    On long international flights, where one pays quite a lot to fly, however, such treatment is truly dispicable.

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