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What message does Hillary Clinton have for Monica Lewinsky?

This time I have been thinking about some strange things of Hillary Clinton for her candidacy as the first woman president in the US and on the other hand I have been thinking the impeachment against then President Bill Clinton. Impeachment was based on allegations that President Clinton had illegally lied about and covered up his relationship with 22-year-old White House (and later Department of Defense) employee Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton was a woman who helped to save his husband’s post by smashing Monica, a woman’s life and ambition. Now Hillary Clinton is claiming that her candidacy is especially for women and sisterhood. Monica Lewinsky herself has been calming that she was a victim of misuse of power.

I was fond of the way Bill Clinton worked in his presidency. Everything about him was great, however the Lewinsky scandal is an example of a major flaw in his work. He worked hard to overcome the US government from the budget deficit from Vietnam and Gulf war. Clinton’s support for a single payer health care system, as well as her thoughts on foreign policy, among other subjects. From the very begining his presidency, I used to watch the election campaign and debate of the US presidency broadcasted in the  US library in Nepal,

How Monica Lewinsky console herself if she listen or watch the news of Hillary Clinton on the way to be a first woman president of the US! Whereas Hillary Clinton is claiming that her candidacy is especially for women and sisterhood.

It was a sad news  as Bill Clinton was impeached and revoked law practitioner licence for five year, but I had huge sympathy towards Monica Lewinsky as well she was sexually assaulted by President. I used to search for the headlines of the news related to the scandal. It was a supplementary weekend issue of the Kantipur daily newspaper where the full story of Lewinsky scandal up to impeachment was published. I went through it all. When I came to know that impeachment was failed due to Hillary Clinton then I immediately predicted that one day, Hillary would be the President. From those days I have been very close to the news and fact related to Hilary. Now she is in final race of election campaign. Also she is creating a history of first woman President of the US democracy.

While talking for the TED Talk Monica Lewinsky has said- “A marketplace has emerged where public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry,” further she has added “How is the money made? Clicks. The more shame, the more clicks; the more clicks, the more advertising dollars … We are in a dangerous cycle: the more we click on this kind of gossip, the more numb we get to the human lives behind it. And the more numb we get, the more we click.” … “I was branded as a tramp, tart, slut, whore, bimbo and, of course, ‘that woman.’

Public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry: Monica Lewinsky

Hillary Clinton told a close friend that Monica Lewinsky was a “narcissistic loony toon,” and also discussed in detail why she decided to forgive her husband for having an affair with the White House intern, according to documents penned by Diane Blair, a close friend and longtime confidant to the former first lady. Though Bill and Hillary initially denied that Bill had an inappropriate relationship with former Lewinsky, a White House intern, sources who spoke with former White House reporter Kate Andersen Brower for “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House” said the affair was something of an open secret among staffers.

How Monica Lewinsky console herself if she listen or watch the news of Hillary Clinton on the way to be a first woman president of the US! There is a very small chance to her to from the reasons of Monica Lewinsky scandal and her e-mail scandal. And also American people prefer Hillary to Trump. But what message does Hillary Clinton have for Monica Lewinsky who has been branded herself as a victim of Husband and wife of the president? The wife is going to be a woman President soon.

But For me I am proud of thinking of one day Hillary Clinton would be a president of the US and now she is making my guess success! Or, If Hillary Clinton is elected president, could her slow-bleeding email scandal lead to her impeachment?

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      1. There are thousands like Lewinsky, erase that, millions like her who have willingly and knowingly gone into relationship with married men, usually they’re young and pretty, and married older men who go for this wiling women, wrecking and DESTROYING the lives of families. My sister , relatives , friends have been victims of women like Lewinsky. Lewinsky, a victim? Booohooo.

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        1. Agreed ! but also, a married boss who had big responsibilities of protecting victims, nation and the entire world was benefited by creating a victim. And the whole state was indulged to avert the issues by investing tax money. Don’t you think Monica is a junior staff, sister, family member, relative or friend?


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