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Instability: Poverty and low skill push Britain to Brexit

A report on the causes of BREXIT has been published. According to this report, Brexit was the reason of ‘Poverty, Low Skills and Lack of Opportunities’. The research was accomplished by Goodwin, M, and Heath, O (2016) for the JRF Organisation. ‘This report provides unprecedented insight into the dynamics of the 2016 vote to leave the EU, showing how a lack of opportunity across the country led to Brexit.’ The report has examined the relationship between poverty and the voting for the Brexit. The report has also explained ‘why UKIP won 40% of the vote in economically struggling places like Rotherham but only 14% in the more affluent and leafy Richmond upon the Thames.’ The report has brought forward a serious issue of poverty and inequality are the matter of instability how global political landscape is being affected by such social disorder.

The total 58 percent of the voters from low-income below £ 20,000 had voted to Brexit however only 35 percent voters voted in Brexit whose household income was above £ 60000. The 71 percent of routine and manual job worker and the 75 percent people of low skill and under qualification voted in Brexit. The chart below shows the real facts.

Source: JRFoundation

The main three conclusions of the report are: income and poverty do matter; educational divides matter more; where people live also play a significant role. The result of the referendum, therefore, has thrown new light on deeper social, geographic and cultural divides that often lay hidden below the surface of our national conversation. Read the report- Brexit vote explained: poverty, low skills and lack of opportunities. Too much is too much; intolerable inequality and poverty need to be addressed as soon as possible for the safe future.  Click here to read the report.


Brexit reasons: IIEA



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