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  • Bee Wilson is a food journalist and author.

“Is food medicine? The question has never been so current or so contentious. It’s clearly true that certain patterns of eating can sicken us and unfortunately, these are the patterns of eating that most people in developed countries now follow: low in vegetables and high in sugar, salt, refined oils and carbohydrates. Diet-related ill health, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, now causes more deaths worldwide than tobacco. Some, therefore, conclude that there must be some specific and magical foods – quinoa! Goji berries! – that might offer an outright antidote to whatever it is that ails us. Many of the loudest of these voices are quacks or charlatans, or both. There are dark corners of the internet promising that the right diet can cure autism or offer something close to eternal life, coupled with fabulous skin. Some of this woo is exposed in the new book The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating by Anthony Warner. The Angry Chef points out that many “health-giving” diets are anything but, leading to dangerously restrictive regimes that can easily tip over into eating disorders, especially for vulnerable young people.”  Read full article on The Guardian