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Fair share and humanity for sustainability 


INCOMESCO’s logo. Meaning : The three pillars represent economic level of the society. First pillar from the left is the low-income group, then the middle class and finally the richest in the society/world. The red cap on the “richest” indicates the danger of inequality.

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods with solution to increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust, an open discussion around the issues and area of interest; economics, business, development

The word INCOMESCO is an anagram of ECONOMICS.

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Figures are able to tell about today’s inequality and how equality is possible through philanthropy

Capture 6
Inequality today
Capture 7
Equality through philanthropy


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  1. Hello INCOMESCO, thank you for liking my post about the short history of Stop the War Coalition. It really meant alot to me. I really glad that i stumbled upon your blog as it is very interesting. Is it okay if you checked out my blog it is about British Politics but in my perspective and hopefully following. Thank you.

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