Sharing values and power: What is Trumpism all about?

Formal countdown of globalisation has been started when Trump announces his territorial policy. I appreciate to him as he is at least open to tell the fact. If the world still believes in globalised values and norms then it must think how harmony is maintained...


What message does Hillary Clinton have for Monica Lewinsky?

This time I have been thinking about some strange things of Hillary Clinton for her candidacy as the first woman president in the US and on the other hand I have been thinking the impeachment against then President Bill Clinton. Impeachment was based on allegations that President Clinton had illegally lied about and covered up... Continue Reading →

An open letter to American voters from Jeremy Nix

Last week I read an open letter to American voters posted by Jeremy Nix, a citizen journalist of Huffington Post blog. Title of the post was An Open Letter to My Friends Who Support Donald Trump. American people are desperately participating to elect their 45th president on November 8, 2017. Candidate, now, are being elected... Continue Reading →

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