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I will see you soon

Dear Bloggies Sorry, for disappearing for a long as I have enrolled a program ‘food security and international development’; due to what it is very difficult to manage spare time to write a post regularly. Some time in a social gathering or any kind of leisure, I intend to write something, however, doing everything in… Continue reading I will see you soon

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Stay in Touch !

Posts are not very regular because of my busy academic program until 2017/18. Please stay in touch, I will be back with more creative ideas and new layout after finishing the program. I would like to thank you for the love and support. Apologies for the inconvenience ! 🙂  International Development and applied economics 

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Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages

This is a fantastic facility provided by the WordPress for the users. Now able to collect and share favourite Radio Programs/Podcasts as well. 🙂 Better Blogging Through Podcasts "You can choose from a quarter of a million podcasts to embed into your posts and pages on and Jetpack-powered websites. Whether you produce a podcast… Continue reading Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages

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The Third Eye to View the World

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods with solution to increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust. It is open discussion around the issue & area of interest. TEST OF POLITICONOMICS (Politics + Economics) ECONOMIC ANALYSIS BOOK REVIEW POETRY AND MORE

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Youth for Change

Youth are not treated properly by the state as there are soaring unemployment, inequality and inflation. They are compelled to invest in ‘ expensive luxurious’ education system without knowing where exactly they are heading to. Millions educated youths are working for pittance and under qualification...


How to create the QR code for the Blog?

In these days, we can see QR code everywhere on website, brochure, business card, billboard and so on, but I have seldom seen it on the blogs. Due to advance technology using QR code is fantastic way to show the blog's presence suitably anywhere.

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INCOMESCO receives awards

I would like to nominate all people / Blogs for the awards who are engaging for their best through their own blog. Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award Versatile Blogger Award ... Continue reading

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Memory Banda: A warrior’s cry against child marriage

When her sister reached puberty, she was sent to a traditional “initiation camp” that teaches girls “how to sexually please a man.” She got pregnant there — at age 11. Banda, however, refused to go. Instead, she organized others and asked her community’s leader to issue a bylaw that no girl should be forced to marry before turning 18. Continue reading