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How the humble potato fuelled the rise of liberal capitalism

Building blocks. just simple via Shutterstock Rebecca Earle, University of Warwick What we eat matters to us – but we’re not sure whether it ought to matter to anyone else. We generally insist that our diets are our business and resent being told to eat more fruit, consume less alcohol and generally pull our socks… Continue reading How the humble potato fuelled the rise of liberal capitalism

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The ‘fourth industrial revolution’: potential and risks for Africa

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum founder, holds his book about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Reuters/Denis Balibouse Ross Harvey, South African Institute of International Affairs Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, argues that the single most important challenge facing humanity today is how to understand and shape the new technology revolution. What… Continue reading The ‘fourth industrial revolution’: potential and risks for Africa

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Neoliberalism Crisis after Brexit

Here are the letest development of anti-neoliberalism, after Brexit Italian PM Matteo Renzi resigns after referendum defeat and the rise of the populist Five Star Movement (today)  Austria elects left-leaning president over Norbert Hofer France’s far right leader Marine Le Pen has welcomed the Italian referendum, Anti-euro leader in lead New Nationalism of Donald Trump… Continue reading Neoliberalism Crisis after Brexit

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Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

We celebrated the UN World Happiness Day on March 20th. On the occasion, World Happiness Report 2016 was published by ranking 157 countries and their happiness levels. This is third report since it first published in 2012. Happiness is a feeling of contentment. Perfect happiness comes when all needs of the person are satisfied and… Continue reading Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

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Another World Is Possible -Joseph E. Stiglitz

Four years after his global bestseller Globalization and Its Discontents, Joseph E. Stiglitz offered his agenda for reform. Now in paperback, Making Globalization Work puts forward radical new ways of dealing with the crippling indebtedness of developing countries, a new system of global reserves to overcome international financial instability, and an economically incentive framework for dealing with energy pollution which create global… Continue reading Another World Is Possible -Joseph E. Stiglitz

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What should the future of capitalism look like? Dan Kedmey

Should we retire labels like capitalism or socialism? Can we embrace the messy, uncategorizable economic reality? Two economists discuss Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis calls himself a libertarian Marxist Keynesian — or “completely confused,” as he jokes. So it was hard to predict how he would react to Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo, a more… Continue reading What should the future of capitalism look like? Dan Kedmey

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A reply to a thoughtful comment on my blog

This is my reply to a comment by williambean2014 on economic thoughts on my blog that has been reblogged here ... ''Supply creates its own demand'' that is Say’s law from which economics especially law of supply was developing through. I am not fully convinced on it but we have to consider an example of Harry Potter of J K Rowling. The author never worked out for its market before publishing the book. She just wrote in coffee shops and published. Another example is Korean song Gangnam Style of Psy. I think when supply came to the market then demand was created incredibly day by day even unknowingly.