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I will see you soon

Dear Bloggies Sorry, for disappearing for a long as I have enrolled a program ‘food security and international development’; due to what it is very difficult to manage spare time to write a post regularly. Some time in a social gathering or any kind of leisure, I intend to write something, however, doing everything in… Continue reading I will see you soon

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The Discipline of Gratitude

Everyery year on Thanksgiving Day, I scroll through my iPhone contact list of “favorites” and send a text message to my dearest friends and family members. I typically end these texts with lines such as “I am so thankful to have you in my life” or “I am so grateful to know you.” But each… Continue reading The Discipline of Gratitude



Congratulations to all students who passed GCSE exam 2015.


Congratulations to all A level students who passed their exam

Congratulate to all students who passed their A level exam... Let's not forget that the Earth is not given for free, not only for human but it belongs equally to all living creatures. And also we owe the Earth from future generation for our benefits. So we must return it without any damage. This is the wisdom we need to lean and apply.