Life (Haiku)

A cup of strong coffee Getting lower, making colder in every sip Instead, I greet my birthday! ♦ ©Jesi, 2017


Clouded summer (Haiku)

  Smoke from the burned cookies Uncertainty jumping course, clouded ‘Brexit’ tricky ‘Trumps’ Sunny summer music without drummers 😦 --- ©Jesi, 2017

History and Man

(Poetry | Haiku) History, a time and value All destroyed to create the new one Oh! mushrooming business of money ♦ ©Jesi, 2016 Feature image: Google


(Haiku) Future, nature and generation’s happiness Station is occupied by the broken cabs Journey begins in an hour

Haiku: Drawing

Babies are drawing the art When they get colour where to put Chart papers are fully occupied --- ©Jesi, 2016 Image: Google search Short link:

Politiconomists: Haiku

A qualified economist before election, Politician after election, puppet of super rich Politiconomist, number one biggest liar ...

P E B : Haiku

Political policies- planning and projects Erosion everything- employment, equality, earnings and ecosystem Billions-billion live in slums

A Blog : Haiku

A blog, fighting for writing Citing for lighting, pasting for quoting Boundary less thought of time More ...

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