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UK University Pension Strike: Creating Fairer Society!

Early this morning eyes went to a news analysis on pension strike and salary of the VCs of the UK’s universities published by the Guardian “Vice-chancellors simply cannot justify the fact they are paid many times more than their local council and NHS trust chief executives, at a time when their own staff have been… Continue reading UK University Pension Strike: Creating Fairer Society!


Valentine | Micro-Poetry

via Three Valentine Micro-Poetry Time Rush-hour-crush Withered rose No time to buy Quality Fresh red rose Already sold out Limited Supply Tired A few words A bunch of roses Valentine is tired

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I will see you soon

Dear Bloggies Sorry, for disappearing for a long as I have enrolled a program ‘food security and international development’; due to what it is very difficult to manage spare time to write a post regularly. Some time in a social gathering or any kind of leisure, I intend to write something, however, doing everything in… Continue reading I will see you soon

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Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages

This is a fantastic facility provided by the WordPress for the users. Now able to collect and share favourite Radio Programs/Podcasts as well. 🙂 Better Blogging Through Podcasts "You can choose from a quarter of a million podcasts to embed into your posts and pages on and Jetpack-powered websites. Whether you produce a podcast… Continue reading Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages

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Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not | A Report

Feeding the 9 billion by 2030 is not an easy task because of the tragedy of 50 percent food waste! Production is not a problem, rather it is a governance problem! A report Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not worth exploring ! Waste happens- It is estimated that 30–50% (or 1.2–2 billion tonnes) of all… Continue reading Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not | A Report

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How the humble potato fuelled the rise of liberal capitalism

Building blocks. just simple via Shutterstock Rebecca Earle, University of Warwick What we eat matters to us – but we’re not sure whether it ought to matter to anyone else. We generally insist that our diets are our business and resent being told to eat more fruit, consume less alcohol and generally pull our socks… Continue reading How the humble potato fuelled the rise of liberal capitalism


Jim O’Neill, BRICs and the UK’s Economy

The UK is holding a referendum by 2017 on whether or not  to continue the membership with European Union (EU) . This is another big challenge to this Tory government. If people give the mandate to pull out from the EU then the UK definitely need an alternative. United Kingdom has already decided to join Asian Infrastructure… Continue reading Jim O’Neill, BRICs and the UK’s Economy

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New Year Resolution: pray for PEACE, act for FOOD

It is a time to say bye-bye 2016 and welcome 2017. That’s sound great! We have already been boarded on the flight of 2017 and the duration of the flight will be 12 months. Our final destination is good health and prosperity. We will be stopping for the food for good health, the love and harmony for… Continue reading New Year Resolution: pray for PEACE, act for FOOD


Beautiful Images

Amazing images from NEPAL : AN IGNORED DESTINATION Nepal is beautiful Himalayan landlocked country lies in between big giants, emerging economies, China and India. Diversity is the greatest feature of this country. Climate/nature, languages and cultural are so diversified. Evergreen cold and snow in the mountain range (Boarder of China), warm weather in mid part,… Continue reading Beautiful Images

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The Third Eye to View the World

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods with solution to increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust. It is open discussion around the issue & area of interest. TEST OF POLITICONOMICS (Politics + Economics) ECONOMIC ANALYSIS BOOK REVIEW POETRY AND MORE


Name and fame

(Poetry) Knowledge Used to be free Must be free   But, now It is a commodity Need to buy From the shopping malls We are globalised   The more Name and fame It is money game!     Jesi, 2016©    


Success Story

Just received and shared the success story of INCOMESCO with all my bestwishers and supporters !  


Just Remember!

Just remember; You have to pay the price This not a free This is even more expensive! ...


The Origin of Life

Poetry Babies are born At the same time Same hospital, and even In the same ward Looks like same Babies are same There is difference One is, from your wife Other one is From your close family If nurses don't introduce Even, you don’t know- Which is your neonatal, This is affection Slowly-slowly You ignore Other babies With… Continue reading The Origin of Life


Does the EU have solutions?

Now what I am thinking is that Great Britain is the best place. People are so generous and hard working. They are happier to give than take. But now it is time to think about the future as well. If an organisation which is considered less effective to avert the problems like unemployment, austerity, illegal migrants () () (**) and deficit then questions may arise such as why should members pay for those organizations? Greece, Spain, Italy are desperately seeking solutions.

The EU must have a satisfactory answer as to why people like the British dentist should have to bear the European Union passport.


It was 2007 May; I went back to Nepal from United Kingdom via Bangladesh by Biman air. Our plane was delayed six hours from Heathrow Airport, London to fly to Bangladesh. So we had to be in transit for that night in Bangladesh as we had already missed our connecting flight from Bangladesh to Kathmandu, Nepal. While waiting at Heathrow, I introduced myself to a British born dentist, who was going to Nepal to run his dentistry charity camp and gave each other company during the flight.

It was the worst flight of my life. We were not treated as international flight passengers; we were given poor food and lodging. According to International flight law, passengers who have to stay in transition must be offered five star accommodation. I’m my opinion; it was a sheer exploitation or corruption as they offered us muddy rice, cabbage curry, pulses and the cold…

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