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Bise Nagarchi: A Hidden History

Tribhuvan Chandra wagle We have no sufficient historical evidences on Bise Nagarchi’s contribution to nation building process, however, Nepal's unification history itself proves that Bise was a public pioneer figure of national unification campaigning. Bise and others such as Maniram Gaine, Bange Sarki played vital roles in the national unification process as “a citizen of… Continue reading Bise Nagarchi: A Hidden History

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Quality of Labour Force: Fighting Against Inequality

By nature men are innovative, creative and thinker which lead to development. But youth today are immensely vulnerable, almost ignored due to expensive education, unaffordable health, unemployment, human trafficking, migration, modern slavery, and super-manager’s discriminatory policy on wage determination, pittance culture, war-torn, refugee, and corruption and so on.

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Managing labour wealth and minimum wage

© Jagadish Wagle Fact Wage is the payment for the use of labour services. As like other factors of production labourers get wage from the national income. Wage can sufficiently preserve human resource and motivate them to the work. Three factors, i.e. good salary, job security and promotion represent good environment of work. But the… Continue reading Managing labour wealth and minimum wage