The Discipline of Gratitude

Everyery year on Thanksgiving Day, I scroll through my iPhone contact list of “favorites” and send a text message to my dearest friends and family members. I typically end these texts with lines such as “I am so thankful to have you in my life” or “I am so grateful to know you.” But each... Continue Reading →


Don’t Hide Your Wounds If You Want To Heal

Ecstasy is only out of agony -- and the deeper the agony, the deeper the ecstasy will be; total the agony, total will be the ecstasy. Everything has to be paid for. For ecstasy, we have to pay in agony. One has to go through deep pain to get rid of pain. Pain is cleansing.... Continue Reading →

The World is seeking wisdom, Why?

Current crisis and right medicine! '‘Knowledge is always unintelligent. If a question is asked for which you have a ready-made answer it is good, if a question is asked for which you don’t have a ready-made answer you are in trouble. You are just behaving mechanically. Knowledge is mechanical that can be bought from the... Continue Reading →

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