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Public-Private Partnership: Experience from the UK to Nepal

Introduction The figure of the world is changing fast due to the size of population, technology, public aspiration and development approach. Hunger used to be the problem of developing world but now obesity has also been added to the urgent list . Health care was insufficient and the mortality rate was high but now it… Continue reading Public-Private Partnership: Experience from the UK to Nepal

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Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality

Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) is on the doorstep. Income inequality and global warming are on the top of future challenges. There is a close link between financial system, digitalisation and economic inequality. Before looking into future, I think, we better start reviewing the past; especially the globalisation era how it went. I picked up some books… Continue reading Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality

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Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

We celebrated the UN World Happiness Day on March 20th. On the occasion, World Happiness Report 2016 was published by ranking 157 countries and their happiness levels. This is third report since it first published in 2012. Happiness is a feeling of contentment. Perfect happiness comes when all needs of the person are satisfied and… Continue reading Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

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Crisis is the clear absence of leadership

Feeling of ‘sorry’ is the humble and remarkable behaviour of human beings but it is rare in practical life. It seems that there are preachers everywhere without followers.

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A reply to a thoughtful comment on my blog

This is my reply to a comment by williambean2014 on economic thoughts on my blog that has been reblogged here ... ''Supply creates its own demand'' that is Say’s law from which economics especially law of supply was developing through. I am not fully convinced on it but we have to consider an example of Harry Potter of J K Rowling. The author never worked out for its market before publishing the book. She just wrote in coffee shops and published. Another example is Korean song Gangnam Style of Psy. I think when supply came to the market then demand was created incredibly day by day even unknowingly.

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A home: Dream far behind of the middle class family

A three bedroom house in a country side cost about £180,000. Taking mortgage from a bank at the rate 3.5 per cent for 30 years would be finally £375,000. For this, monthly payment under mortgage would be around £1000 except regular maintained and utility bills. How can a buyer manage, isn’t it a modern slavery? ... Continue reading

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Economic Recovery: Productive Investment or Destructive Austerity?

The UK’s economy is not bad even it is safer as it has its own currency to manipulate international trade, but need to careful. Only enjoying with austerity is a kind of contraction of economy, it doesn't help in the long run. It is short run rescue plan. Economics always says that expenditure is definitely not a problem if earning is smoothly going on. So need to learn how to earn...

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Quality of Labour Force: Fighting Against Inequality

By nature men are innovative, creative and thinker which lead to development. But youth today are immensely vulnerable, almost ignored due to expensive education, unaffordable health, unemployment, human trafficking, migration, modern slavery, and super-manager’s discriminatory policy on wage determination, pittance culture, war-torn, refugee, and corruption and so on.

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Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:  Chinese Economic Power

Finally United Kingdom has decided to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) whereas the US is not ''happy'' with the move of the UK to join AIIB. It's a new international financial institution (IFI) lead by China and viewed as a rival to the World Bank. Due to size of population, increasing per capita consumption and their hard work Chinese economy is growing to be the largest in the world. Now China has backed the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and seeking large number of membership ...

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State, Wisdom and Disparity

By Jagadish/@INCOMESCO : There is big criticism against injustice and inequality. Government is the best actor and the synonymous of the state. So the best practice of the responsible state is fair share of resources and humanity for sustainability. Policy formulation like taxation, infrastructure like road, electricity, technology, environment and security are designed for the benefit of rich as the poor have very low consumption and purchasing power. Similarly, range of policies seems in favour of rich. Policy makers are the kind of people who respond to the preferences of the rich... Read more