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Gaine: Traditional Media man

Etymologically the word Gaine/Gandharva (wa) is referred to those people who play musical instrument and sing for livelihood. But they are not only the folk song singer,but they were\are also good traditional communicator as modern journalists. In the case of Krishna, we can say he was a good communicator, by which his sister came back to family after hearing the song as she eloped away with a boy ...

Social Media

(Two) Social Media: Citizen journalism adds diversity of information

It is hard to believe on ‘user created contents’ which is not filtered and so as the information designed by a vested interest group or tycoons, sometimes it is done by the government as well, that is manipulated. Right information is the rights of every single citizen.

Social Media

Social Media: Right information is the rights of every single citizen – (One)

Bloggers are citizen journalist and blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing, commenting, and connecting. “Today’s audience want to be part of the media, rather than passive receivers. Not only do they want to comment on the news, they want to be part of creating it."