Exploitation: A courier giant pays less than living wage | The Guardian

Britain’s second-biggest parcel company, Hermes, which delivers for John Lewis and other major retailers, is paying some of its couriers at levels equivalent to below the national living wage according to a snapshot of information provided by some of those who have worked there. In common with several delivery firms serving the internet shopping boom,… Continue reading Exploitation: A courier giant pays less than living wage | The Guardian

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UK set for worst wage growth since the 1920s, Labour research finds

“Even with this year’s increase in the minimum wage, the Tories will have overseen the slowest pay growth in a century and the third slowest since the 1860s,” he said. George Osborne has justified cuts to in-work benefits by arguing that the government is transitioning the UK from being “a low-wage, high-welfare economy to a… Continue reading UK set for worst wage growth since the 1920s, Labour research finds


Can CEOs follow in the footsteps of Dan price?

So change we need and also change is essential to protect the achievements, we have made so far. Otherwise the pitchforks are coming to kill plutocrats.


Time taken to travel to work should count as work says EU court

“Tens of thousands of home care workers are not even getting the minimum wage because their employers fail to pay them for the time they spend travelling between the homes of all the people they care for. Now, thanks to this case, they should also be paid when they are travelling to their first visit, and again back home from their last.” Trade unions said the decision could bring significant benefits for care workers or other Britons whose job generally involves travel between appointments without an office base. Some employment lawyers said the decision could increase costs for some companies. This is a tit for tat to the bosses who don’t pay for lunch breaks to their millions honest hard-working workers as company always care about their profit. Of course it is a landmark decision in the history of employment law where workers will be able to claim their travelling time as work. It is ridiculous that there is health and safety rule but employees are expected to work without allowing time to have food and time consume to get work.

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A home: Dream far behind of the middle class family

A three bedroom house in a country side cost about £180,000. Taking mortgage from a bank at the rate 3.5 per cent for 30 years would be finally £375,000. For this, monthly payment under mortgage would be around £1000 except regular maintained and utility bills. How can a buyer manage, isn’t it a modern slavery? ... Continue reading


Minimum wage rise doesn’t have any effect to unemployment: Reports

Let's secure the future for ourselves, our children and their children. Or alternatively, we could do nothing, hide in our gated communities and private schools, enjoy our planes and yachts — they're fun — and wait for the pitchforks... This is not a question of increasing the minimum wage rate, but more importantly this is an issue of managing labour wealth in 21st century. To increase minimum wage rate and its uniformity should be a need of the globalisation. Several studies have found that rise of minimum wage rate does not necessarily increase unemployment.


Unequal wage: Unions are doing nothing against corporate decisions

WAGE - TWO Figures are enough to tell the true story of ‘legitimate wage inequality’ created by states from their national income; which has increasingly been a serious issue of modern society. There is huge variation of wage rate between bosses and workers, community to community, male to female, young to old, rich country to… Continue reading Unequal wage: Unions are doing nothing against corporate decisions


Wage is determined asymmetrically: Workers have no alternative but to accept

In the same organization CEO’s determine the high wage for them and lowest for majority of workers. Is not it discrimination!...Even cheap labour has been searched globally, instead of increasing their citizen’s minimum wage rate.

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Managing labour wealth and minimum wage

© Jagadish Wagle Fact Wage is the payment for the use of labour services. As like other factors of production labourers get wage from the national income. Wage can sufficiently preserve human resource and motivate them to the work. Three factors, i.e. good salary, job security and promotion represent good environment of work. But the… Continue reading Managing labour wealth and minimum wage