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State, Wisdom and Disparity

By Jagadish/@INCOMESCO : There is big criticism against injustice and inequality. Government is the best actor and the synonymous of the state. So the best practice of the responsible state is fair share of resources and humanity for sustainability. Policy formulation like taxation, infrastructure like road, electricity, technology, environment and security are designed for the benefit of rich as the poor have very low consumption and purchasing power. Similarly, range of policies seems in favour of rich. Policy makers are the kind of people who respond to the preferences of the rich... Read more

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State, Wisdom and Injustice

The representative of state- Supreme Court, government, political parties, and international agencies did finally nothing as they had enough time of 11 month to save his life. Peace icon Adhikari was died but left a big question and stain for all.

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State, Wisdom and Marginalisation

Business, Wisdom and Knowledge- 2 No one has reason to accept a scheme of cooperation that place their lives under the control of others.’’- T. M. Scanlon  In the previous post I picked up some definitions of what exactly knowledge and wisdom are and how these concepts have been used in the 21st century. In this… Continue reading State, Wisdom and Marginalisation

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Business, Wisdom and Materialisation

There are several hot issues around our society of the 21st century as wisdom is being lost day by day. Due to unpredictable development of information technology and extreme lack of resources, development thoughts should be reconsidered accordingly. People are moral agents and businesses only grow in ethical soil. Now, knowledge is almost enough but the world needs more wisdom to be governed.