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Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not | A Report

Feeding the 9 billion by 2030 is not an easy task because of the tragedy of 50 percent food waste! Production is not a problem, rather it is a governance problem! A report Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not worth exploring ! Waste happens- It is estimated that 30–50% (or 1.2–2 billion tonnes) of all… Continue reading Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not | A Report


Earth: Nowhere to go (Poetry)

An industry, variety of products An artist, Picasso and Monalisa A story teller, Romeo and Juliet A nature, desert and snow Origin of life, Sky husband and the Earth wife Everyone knows without knowing The biggest mystery inside the Earth ...

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TRUST- Writing 201: An Acrostic Poetry

N= Natural order he and she A= Appearance perfect tangible and see T= Trustworthy creator sky and earth U= Universal fairness rules of its truth R= Reality single fact not to divide faith E= Ecosystem galaxy nature only nice trust.

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The Earth is still ready to give birth

A Poem by Jesi : No matter how many time she is severely suffered The Earth is the Mom, she never shouts for the pain Father sky dropping droplets as like sperm The Earth is still ready to give birth The means of origin- the Earth and the Sky Designed by the nature The creator biggest forever; ...