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The Third Eye to View the World

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods with solution to increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust. It is open discussion around the issue & area of interest. TEST OF POLITICONOMICS (Politics + Economics) ECONOMIC ANALYSIS BOOK REVIEW POETRY AND MORE


Success Story

Just received and shared the success story of INCOMESCO with all my bestwishers and supporters !  

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Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality

Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) is on the doorstep. Income inequality and global warming are on the top of future challenges. There is a close link between financial system, digitalisation and economic inequality. Before looking into future, I think, we better start reviewing the past; especially the globalisation era how it went. I picked up some books… Continue reading Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality


The Second Blogiversary

Completed the second year and have stepped in the third year of blogging. During those two year I enjoyed a lot and felt blogging is a creative fun where social interaction in real sense is possible. There are many activities going on, which can be viewed on the blog. I would be pleased if  you… Continue reading The Second Blogiversary

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How is Economic Inequality Defined?

The Equality Trust’s Focus on Economic Inequality Economic inequalities are most obviously shown by people’s different positions within the economic distribution - income, pay, wealth. However, people’s economic positions are also related to other characteristics, such as whether or not they have a disability, their ethnic background, or whether they are a man or a woman. While… Continue reading How is Economic Inequality Defined?

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Youth for Change

Youth are not treated properly by the state as there are soaring unemployment, inequality and inflation. They are compelled to invest in ‘ expensive luxurious’ education system without knowing where exactly they are heading to. Millions educated youths are working for pittance and under qualification...

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Happy New Year: HOPE

Hey ! New Near, Are you coming happily? If so, come with- Hope of Opportunity Peace, and Equality ...


Overview of 2015: The Best Posts of the year

THE BEST POSTS IN 2015:  With the end of the year approaching, this is the perfect time to look back and reflect favourite blog posts. I have chosen eight post, those I have felt incredible ! Two are poetry, One of which I shared from TED talk. The most viewed posts have been taken as a… Continue reading Overview of 2015: The Best Posts of the year


Right is never wrong

Judgement ! how much I earn but not how fair I am It is profit but not help ...


Can CEOs follow in the footsteps of Dan price?

So change we need and also change is essential to protect the achievements, we have made so far. Otherwise the pitchforks are coming to kill plutocrats.


Lion in the jungle

A big nation A big man A big democracy Demo of cry Game of blame everywhere ...



The amount of food wasted and lost globally is shameful as millions of people around the world go to bed hungry every night. It is also an unnecessary waste of the land, water and energy resources that were used in the production, processing and distribution of wasted food. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in the world it is estimated that about worth of $1 trillion food gets lost or waste in production and consumption systems, more than 840 million people do not have enough food to eat.

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A reply to a thoughtful comment on my blog

This is my reply to a comment by williambean2014 on economic thoughts on my blog that has been reblogged here ... ''Supply creates its own demand'' that is Say’s law from which economics especially law of supply was developing through. I am not fully convinced on it but we have to consider an example of Harry Potter of J K Rowling. The author never worked out for its market before publishing the book. She just wrote in coffee shops and published. Another example is Korean song Gangnam Style of Psy. I think when supply came to the market then demand was created incredibly day by day even unknowingly.


How to create the QR code for the Blog?

In these days, we can see QR code everywhere on website, brochure, business card, billboard and so on, but I have seldom seen it on the blogs. Due to advance technology using QR code is fantastic way to show the blog's presence suitably anywhere.

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INCOMESCO receives awards

I would like to nominate all people / Blogs for the awards who are engaging for their best through their own blog. Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award Versatile Blogger Award ... Continue reading