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Khaptad: A Place Most to Reach

-Tribhuvan Chandra Wagle On the day of 28th of Baishakh, a reserved bus was heading to Khaptad crossing the Godabari Bridge from Kailali along to Buditola, Ningladi Bridge, Khani Danda, Bhasuko Bhir; a dangerous cliff and rocky road. We literatures, journalist, writers and other more people were heading to Khaptad to take part in a… Continue reading Khaptad: A Place Most to Reach

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Clouded summer (Haiku)

  Smoke from the burned cookies Uncertainty jumping course, clouded ‘Brexit’ tricky ‘Trumps’ Sunny summer music without drummers 😦 --- ©Jesi, 2017

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Dependency, Debris and Destination

there was a long traffic queue when I was driving through the A331. Suddenly driving became slow in 1st or 2nd gear. There could be two reasons for the slow traffic. One could be road work and other could be accident. But I surely was thinking that was due to accident. I had Goosebumps and felt ‘‘sorry’’… Continue reading Dependency, Debris and Destination

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Don’t Hide Your Wounds If You Want To Heal

Ecstasy is only out of agony -- and the deeper the agony, the deeper the ecstasy will be; total the agony, total will be the ecstasy. Everything has to be paid for. For ecstasy, we have to pay in agony. One has to go through deep pain to get rid of pain. Pain is cleansing.… Continue reading Don’t Hide Your Wounds If You Want To Heal


Success Story

Just received and shared the success story of INCOMESCO with all my bestwishers and supporters !  


Just Remember!

Just remember; You have to pay the price This not a free This is even more expensive! ...

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The World is seeking wisdom, Why?

Current crisis and right medicine! '‘Knowledge is always unintelligent. If a question is asked for which you have a ready-made answer it is good, if a question is asked for which you don’t have a ready-made answer you are in trouble. You are just behaving mechanically. Knowledge is mechanical that can be bought from the… Continue reading The World is seeking wisdom, Why?


A gift

A surprise gift On the occasion of give birth Sky drop the droplets of sperm on the Earth Earth is ready to conceive them To give birth creatures ...


Right is never wrong

Judgement ! how much I earn but not how fair I am It is profit but not help ...


Lion in the jungle

A big nation A big man A big democracy Demo of cry Game of blame everywhere ...