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Law | Micro Poetry

  Law Made by rich Punish to poor Injustice is justice @Jesi | 2018 Image : Google search

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A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

Lost her life, family, and friends A victim strange woman begging shelter A woman, who is living the house Doesn’t like her to be in the house The husband is wordless Victim women made by state ! The victim, stranger! A citizen of no state Within men, however, without humanity! Question- why the creator create… Continue reading A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

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Diwas: An Architect of Words

♦ Tribhuvan Chandra Wagle Tulasi Diwasa, a full vessel of poems, speaks every sentence in poetic decor. Anyone feels and get perfume the poetic composition even during the general conversation with senior poet Diwasa. He defines the poem, as 'the greatest/best avenue of expressing the human's feelings'. Diwasa is not merely a best poet but… Continue reading Diwas: An Architect of Words

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Clouded summer (Haiku)

  Smoke from the burned cookies Uncertainty jumping course, clouded ‘Brexit’ tricky ‘Trumps’ Sunny summer music without drummers 😦 --- ©Jesi, 2017


Name and fame

(Poetry) Knowledge Used to be free Must be free   But, now It is a commodity Need to buy From the shopping malls We are globalised   The more Name and fame It is money game!     Jesi, 2016©    

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Root of the society

(Poetry) Women are the root Men are branches Deeper the root, Stronger the trees Bigger the branches Blossoming the flowers Nicer the garden Greener the society   Invisible roots Holding soil to stand the tree Visible branches; Oxygen, rain and green All are from the root Power of women Without who Can’t get life  … Continue reading Root of the society


Just Remember!

Just remember; You have to pay the price This not a free This is even more expensive! ...


The Origin of Life

Poetry Babies are born At the same time Same hospital, and even In the same ward Looks like same Babies are same There is difference One is, from your wife Other one is From your close family If nurses don't introduce Even, you don’t know- Which is your neonatal, This is affection Slowly-slowly You ignore Other babies With… Continue reading The Origin of Life



(Poetry) Desperately and honestly With hand and head Seeking opportunity But News as breakfast, Speech as lunch Theory as dinner Come and go perennially Preaches and lessons Unfortunately Youth are on the headline- News everywhere Being ladders of others During the election or Many campaign!     Feature image: Google search      ©Jesi, 2016 Short… Continue reading Youth



Poetry A student ! Blank paper Running low ink Pain of loan Rising interest   The cost of future Calculation too much Without answer! Business exam Invigilator, snatch the paper- Time out! The wealth of nation!!   ©Jesi, 2016