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Memory Banda: A warrior’s cry against child marriage

When her sister reached puberty, she was sent to a traditional “initiation camp” that teaches girls “how to sexually please a man.” She got pregnant there — at age 11. Banda, however, refused to go. Instead, she organized others and asked her community’s leader to issue a bylaw that no girl should be forced to marry before turning 18. Continue reading

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Nearly fifty percent of American workers could be displaced by 2035

Paul Tudor Jones II loves capitalism. It's a system that has done him very well over the last few decades. Nonetheless, the hedge fund manager and philanthropist is concerned that a laser focus on profits is, as he puts it, "threatening the very underpinnings of society." In this thoughtful, passionate talk, he outlines his planned counter-offensive, which centers on the concept of "justness." ...

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Public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry: Monica Lewinsky

“A marketplace has emerged where public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry,” she asks. “How is the money made? Clicks. The more shame, the more clicks; the more clicks, the more advertising dollars … We are in a dangerous cycle: the more we click on this kind of gossip, the more numb we get to the human lives behind it. And the more numb we get, the more we click.” ...


Kenneth Shinozuka: My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe

60% of people with dementia wander off, an issue that can prove hugely stressful for both patients and caregivers. In this charming talk, hear how teen inventor Kenneth Shinozuka came up with a novel solution to help his night-wandering grandfather and the aunt who looks after him ... and how he hopes to help others with Alzheimer's.


Meet the founder of the blog revolution

I am a blogger -- that is an amazing thing for me, because it captures a moment in time everyday. I take a picture of myself -- I've been doing this since last year -- every single day.And, you know, it's the same picture; it's basically the same person. Only a couple of people read it. I don't write this for this audience; I'm showing it now, but I would go insane if this was really public. About four people probably read it, and they tell me, you know, "You haven't updated" -- I'm probably going to get people telling me I haven't updated --but this is something that's amazing, because I can go back to a day -- I can go back to April 2005, and say, what was I doing this day?An interesting talk show about blog by a mother of blog on TED talk. She shares her experience what exactly the blogging is. As a blogger it is important to listen her...