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Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages

This is a fantastic facility provided by the WordPress for the users. Now able to collect and share favourite Radio Programs/Podcasts as well. 🙂 Better Blogging Through Podcasts "You can choose from a quarter of a million podcasts to embed into your posts and pages on and Jetpack-powered websites. Whether you produce a podcast… Continue reading Learn How to Embed Podcasts into Your Posts and Pages


The Second Blogiversary

Completed the second year and have stepped in the third year of blogging. During those two year I enjoyed a lot and felt blogging is a creative fun where social interaction in real sense is possible. There are many activities going on, which can be viewed on the blog. I would be pleased if  you… Continue reading The Second Blogiversary

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Fair Share and Humanity for Sustainability: Prompt

The World, now, is in transition of humanity. For the sake of future, new setting of the state is needed because, for example, even education: academic institutions are selling their certificates at higher costs and the cases is judged in line with man-made law that is designed by the same group who want to protect their interest. That ends the hope of the poor. Justice is denied.

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JOURNEY- Writing 201: Limerick Poetry

A village boy came to here for a joy Journey to the moon on his way Crowd of skyscrapers and robots Nice humanity in the huts Journey is a dilemma up and down hills lost my nice toy

My Literature, Poetry

WATER – Writing 201 : Poetry

Water is crying by searching Thirst, Drought, Desert to make them wet Wrestlers block the way unnaturally

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(Two) Social Media: Citizen journalism adds diversity of information

It is hard to believe on ‘user created contents’ which is not filtered and so as the information designed by a vested interest group or tycoons, sometimes it is done by the government as well, that is manipulated. Right information is the rights of every single citizen.

Social Media

Social Media: Right information is the rights of every single citizen – (One)

Bloggers are citizen journalist and blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing, commenting, and connecting. “Today’s audience want to be part of the media, rather than passive receivers. Not only do they want to comment on the news, they want to be part of creating it."